Saturday, November 28, 2009

Awesome, and Goodwill

I helped put up the christmas trees at church this morning. I managed to almost break the weld on one of the metal tree bases. Cause I'm awesome like that. But it was fun, and it put me in a christmas-y mood.

I'm still trying to clean and organize the house. I cleaned and straightened my coat closet. I found Rollerblades I haven't used in probably 5 years. Those are going to the Goodwill here in town. I also found an old winding clock that I once thought I'd like to take apart and try to fix. That went into the box, too.

My dad brought (note: brought, not bought) me a cute little table and 3 chairs for my breakfast nook. So I need to clean out that room, hang the pictures, sweep the floor, and start to make it a working room.

I'm also slowly trying to clean out my extra room.

All this organizing makes me feel ready to put up a tree.

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rockle said...

nothing like a christmas tree to make a house feel like a home, is there?