Saturday, October 3, 2009

Take Care of your Family

I have a friend, and in the last 2 months he has lost both his father and his step-father.

He didn't get along with his biological dad, though in the last couple of years they had made peace and had least a cordial relationship. When his dad passed away, he had no savings and no life insurance. His grandfather had to step up and pay for the funeral, because there was NO money. His step-mom will have to sell the house, because she can't afford the mortgage.

When his step-dad (whom he was very close to) passed away, he didn't have life insurance, either. His mom will have to take a loan to pay for his funeral. She has a job, but will have to work for many more years just to have an income.

Even I have life insurance. I don't have a husband or kids, but there is money in place to pay for a funeral, and whatever costs that might come attached to that. My bank accounts and house have been deeded to my brother, so that if the situation arises there is no question as to who the money and estate will go to.

You carry life insurance to take care of you family. You don't carry it for you, you carry it for your family. That's one of the things you try to make money for. You can get term insurance for just a little bit each month.

These 2 families are devasted, they don't even have money to pay for funeral costs. And the cost to my friend is much more. Not only the grief that comes with the loss of his father and step-father, he has the added worry of his almost bankrupt mother and step-mother who has to sell her home.

Dear God, help these 2 families, and help my friend. Show them a way to be able to support themselves, and a way for my friend to find peace in this situation. Amen.

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