Monday, October 5, 2009

Split-Second Aging.

THIS is a blog I sometimes read.

Yesterday it was an interesting concept on Split-Second Aging. The idea that sometimes, you experience a moment that makes you grow up instantly.

I have had this happen, and I didn't analyze it very much. But I've been thinking about times I have aged in a moment.

One of those moments was the first night I slept in my house. I had taken on an adult's burden and found myself excited by the prospect. But I also realized that I am tethered to this house now. No longer could I pick up and move with a month's notice. I began to think of my self not as a young woman, but as a woman. There was nothing child-like about me anymore. Not my job or my house or my responsiblities, not even my thinking.

I had another moment, when I realized that my dad wasn't listening to the doctors at Large Cancer Hospital. I realized that I had reached an age where I needed to begin to look out for and after my parents. I would have to take an pro-active roll, to listen to doctors and translate for my parents, and to listen to my parents and be an advocate for them to the doctors.

I'm sure there will be many more ahead, where in an instant I will realize that I am older, and hopefully wiser, than I had been a moment before.

Dear God, please give me the peace and wisdom to grow older gracefully. Amen.

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