Monday, October 5, 2009


So, I have learned, through a series of events today, and well, actually in the last couple of weeks, that I work well alone. Not that I like to be alone every day, but in the course of the work that I do, I work better alone. There isn't worry about meeting someone, I can modify and switch as best fits my schedule.

I am hard to work with. I don't like it, but there it is.

I can see where this comes from. I've been the primary animal person for several years now. I learned how to do what I needed to do and I did it. I learned how to do procedures and doses and applications, and for the most part, anything done after 6pm I did myself. There were exceptions, of course. Some of the REALLY BIG experiments everyone had to come in and help, but just the normal antibiotic dosing and such was me.

So now that I'm having to work with my friend (and now co-0worker) it's been hard. I don't always share what's going on in my mind, because I haven't done so for 4 years. I expect her to work the way that I do, and she doesn't. She WAY doesn't. We are often 180 degrees from each other.

Dear God, give us all a little peace. Amen.

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