Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A long week

You ever have one of those weeks where things just don't seem to go right? You do A, you're wrong. You do B, you should have done A. You do A again, you should have done D. You go to Z, they tell you you went too far.

I can't win for losing.

And I internalize things. So if I'm wrong about A, then about B, then about D, I start to think I can't do anything right. So in an effort to stop being wrong, I stop doing anything, and that's wrong, too. Then I look back and see things that I should have been able to see, account for, or predict, and I blame myself for those things, too.

Plus, somehow I got the 8AM and 8PM (well, at this point it's 8AM and 6:30PM) antibiotic doses. I'm really tired and my brain is moving slow. I'm PMS'y which makes me a little sensitive, too.

And I keep pissing off my friend. I hate my friends being mad at me. But I hate more when they get mad at me several times over the course of several days, so that by the end they are ANGRY with me. I hate that.

Anyway. That's my week so far. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


rockle said...

hang in. this, too, shall pass. hopefully in a good way -- or at least a mutually amicable one.

Anonymous said...

I have had a similar 10 day stretch. I had liquor three nights in a row and then went ot a comedy show last night for a cure...I think it worked. I number the brain and then refilled it with "funny."