Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saturday it will be DONE.

So, my boss was out today, so I left work early.

I came home and sealed all of the grout in my house.

I had cleaned the floor tile in the sunroom several times, so the grout was VERY clean and it sealed easy. And I got the little more expensive sealer. I did the sealing in grids, and it sometimes overlapped a little. You could tell, because the part that had already been sealed wouldn't take any more sealant. It went so well, I went ahead and and sealed all of the grout in the bathroom.

Now, the tile in the sunroom is ceramic. But the accent tile in the bath is stone. So I went ahead and sealed not just the grout but the stones themselves. It seems dumb, but they looked better when it was done. They have a little bit of sparkle?

Anyway, it looks nice, but now I have to take a bath tonight because the sealant hasn't cured yet.

The house does look better, it's cleaned and coming back together. Also, apparently I went so long without a stove, I want to cook. I've made several meals, like real meals with veggies and everything, in the last 2 weeks.

Dad will make the final payment on saturday, and this will be DONE. All that's left is cleaning, and I'm mostly done with that. My bedroom is finally empty of all of the bath stuff that I've been storing in it, so it really is easier to sleep. It's neat and orderly and easier to sleep in.

It's coming together. And with it, my sanity. Welcome back, sweet sanity.


Anonymous said...

It has to be nice to get things back to normal again...having things disrupted like that is keeping my wife from letting me do stuff around here.

SUEB0B said...

Go check this out - re- your sensitive ears post (which is in my reader but for some reason doesn't show on your blog)