Monday, August 3, 2009

My first meal in my brand new oven...

So I thought, sort of starting over, I'd put some easy things into the freezer for some quick meals.

I thought I'd put away some chicken nuggets, I cut up chicken breasts into chunks, nuggets if you will, bread them with Shake and Bake and freeze them. Then I take a few out of the bag, pop them into the oven, and TADA, easy meal.

So, I cut up 4 breasts, breaded them, took 10 out and put them into the oven. While the nuggets were baking, I laid the rest out in a single layer and put them into the freezer.

Then I turned around and looked at the stove.

Which had stopped cooking.

It has a digital front, you push the Bake button, push the UP arrow for the temp, then push Bake again. Then 2 lights come on, one that says Bake and one that says Preheat. Both lights were out. The broiler still worked, so I broiled them the rest of the way, which resulted in very dry and tough nuggets.

So, to recap, my BRAND NEW STOVE that was just installed last week now doesn't work. It is still under warranty, so I will have someone come out and fix it for free.

But, Come on. Really? I need this, HOW?? The kitchen and bath were started in June, and I haven't minded. I'm ready for them to be done, but I want it done correctly, so I've been patient. But seriously. I WANT MY OVEN, and I WANT IT TO WORK PROPERLY.


rockle said...

oh, you poor thing. we bought our house in 2003 and our oven has NEVER worked right -- the top element doesn't work, so while things will cook through, they never get browned on top, and I can't broil anything.


so i know your pain. it's excruciating. if they give you a hard time, let me know -- i make customer service cry.

Anonymous said...

Oh Babe! I am so so sorry! R~