Friday, July 3, 2009

Good News, all the way around

Mom: We were at her oncologist's today, there is no fluid in her lungs, her heart is in great shape, and the cancer in her lungs is very responsive to a drug. She has to take 1 pill, probably the rest of her life. She will never be in remission, she will always have it, but it will be well maintained. They don't want to see her for 3 months.

My job: finally finally finally FINALLY our animal lab is open again. The lab that I do my primary work in, the one that actually pays my paycheck, has finally been approved by the Governmental Agencies to begin our work.

My friend: My friend who was home on bedrest is doing much better now, and in fact she is cleared to go back to work on monday. They will have their first child home with them again shortly.

Myself: I had the massage yesterday, and I feel much better. I slept very well last night. With mom's and work's good news, I should sleep well tonight. I will go visit my family tomorrow, spend time with my niece, and come home sunday.

OH!! Forgot (that says something). ex texted me today, Did I want to do something today? I deleted it. yay me!

Dear God, thank you for some good new! Amen


mamabird said...

So glad to hear all your wonderful news!

rockle said...

YAY. good news is awesome!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to get some good news onc in a while...ride this wave!!!!