Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Trivia!

It's time for Trivia Friday! Go HERE for the 411 and rules.

1. Three bald (or mostly bald) guys: Patrick ___________ (jean luke piccard), Vin (ven? van?) Diesel, Sean Connery

2. Three female celebrities who were known for their hairdos: Dolly Parton, Lady Godiva, Brittany Spears (lack of hairdo)

3. Three actors known (or reputed to be) very hairy: Burt Reynolds?

4. Three famous haircuts: Mullet, Mohawk, Beehive

5. Two actresses known for their wig lines: Miley Cyrus?

6. Two male celebrities known for their facial hair: Tom Selleck, Walter Cronckrite

7. Two women with weaves:

8. Two really awesome TV moments involving hair pulling or wig removal: !!! Seinfeld! Elaine pulls off George's toupee, and I know there is a carol burnett skit where they pull someone's hair off.

I guess I don't know any more about hairy celebrities than I did about music trivia.

Oh well. I hope I'll think of more before Monday.

1 comment:

rockle said...

you're doing AWESOME! all your answers for #1, #2, and #4 are correct (it's patrick stewart, by the way, and I LOVE HIM), you're off to a good start with #3 and #6, and while your answer #5 isn't what i expected, it's correct.

i know you'll come up with more by tomorrow night. YUSS.