Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ok, so already this isn't a great day anyway.

I got the shakes half way through the day, it took a couple of hours to go away completely.

Just now, something came in through the back door. Lumpy went CRAZY!!!! hissing and screaming. The cat door was set to shut behind them as they came them.

It wasn't a cat.

It was a large freaking raccoon.

It scrabbled at the door, I tried to get close enough to it to get the door open for it, but it managed to grab under the flap and get out of the house.

My hands, body, heart is shaking again.

Somewhere is the back of my mind I'm thinking, 'If I have a breakdown, all of this will just have to take care of itself.'

I think I need to go see my psychiatrist.


Anonymous said...

I take that back...maybe it'll never end...go see a psychiatrist. Better take some pictures.

rockle said...

we once had a raccoon living in the chimney of my parents house. and i was once COMPLETELY TRAUMATIZED by a chipmunk that ran in the garage and lived in my parents' cupboard for like a week. and we had that mouse that one time ... *shudders*

hmm, perhaps your psychiatrist could prescribe something for me, too?