Monday, June 29, 2009

Thought for the day.

Is it just me, or is it a little narcissistic to create a facebook quiz titled "How well do you know me?"

I haven't created one. I tend a little narcissistic anyway, so this would just aggravate that. Plus, I would be worried that no one would be able to answer it very well, and then that would hurt my feelings and I would wonder what kind of friend I actually was if no one could (or would) pass the test I set forth for them.


That's my thought for the day.


Anonymous said...

You can make up your own questions and was kinid of more fun to write it...especially when I asked them "What they thought happened to my third testicle?"

I am always looking for avenues to be funny in. Mine was more to make them laugh...and me too.

rockle said...

i am with you, sister. i want to know how well everyone knows me ... and then i remember that the only people who REALLY know me also know where the bodies are buried, and i kind of don't want that stuff to see the light of day.

much like that videotape of me, in costume, doing the time warp. (i was in college! i was curious! MISTAKES WERE MADE!)