Friday, June 26, 2009

Still Single

I'm 34.

I'm single.

I have been single for the vast majority of my life.

Thus, as you might guess, I am frequently horny. Surprised?

Now, in my life, there have been a couple of 'special friends'. There is, however, only 1 that has stood the test of time. We've been crossing our paths for 12 years now. I was supposed to see him this week, but his schedule didn't open up like he thought it would. We're both hoping for this week.

I'm not good at being single.

One guy noted, upon dating me for a month or two, that I never turned down sex.

Apart from 1-night-stands, I don't, as a rule, turn down sex. Especially when I'm dating someone. That's one of the major reasons that I date. For the sex. Because why would I deal with the rest of the whole relationship-stuff if I didn't get some boy-girl action?

I have in front of me a situation. Which I should not act on. Because it will only lead to bad things. I'm not sure it's even a situation. It's more in my mind than anything else. But being single and horny, it is a rather prominent thought in my head.

Yeah. That's it. Just needed to put into words. I probably won't act on it. I usually don't. But it's there.

Dear God, if you don't want me to continue to have sex outside of marriage, please, GIVE ME SOMEONE TO MARRY!!! Amen.

That was more of a demand than a prayer, wasn't it? hmm

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