Sunday, June 7, 2009

digital tv

SHITTY FUCKING RAT'S ASS DOG LICKING BUTT KISSING DIGITAL CONVERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I could go on, but it would only become more obscene, and I've been chastised once for bad language on this Christian blog. To whoever left that comment: Suck it. When I'm perfect and don't cuss anymore, then I'll let you know and you can rest easier).

The reception sucks down here, I can't get PBS, and it cost me $60 to find this out.

At least with the analog if the channel wasn't clear I could still watch it. Now the digital signal breaks up so bad that if it's a slightly weak signal you can't even begin to make out what's supposed to be going on.

I hope to hell that whoever started this is making tons of money, because if the public ever finds out who's making the money from this I'll go burn their house down. And I'll go to jail for it, because they have cable.

I was perfectly happy with analog. Digital sucks.

BTW, digital sucks.

Oh, and did you know that digital sucks?


Anonymous said...

1. PBS sucks 75% of the time.

2. The antenna is the key. I have one television that I struggle with upstairs. The only one that I have to use the digital antenna with adn it is a reminder of the dial antenna thing we had as a kid on the roof. It is a weird combination of signal direct and power that impacts the antenna. It is a pain in the ass. Keep playing with the antenna and maybe it'll work out.

NGS said...

I have cable. It's supposed to make this whole transition thing better. But there are these weird preview shadows on several channels (including PBS and CBS). It's a slight shadow overlaying what's supposed to be on of what's going to be on in two seconds. It makes CBS unwatchable!! And Antiques Roadshow!!

rockle said...

things like this make me glad that we shelled out for directv. (and even in hi-def? our pbs stations stink.)