Monday, June 29, 2009

Thought for the day.

Is it just me, or is it a little narcissistic to create a facebook quiz titled "How well do you know me?"

I haven't created one. I tend a little narcissistic anyway, so this would just aggravate that. Plus, I would be worried that no one would be able to answer it very well, and then that would hurt my feelings and I would wonder what kind of friend I actually was if no one could (or would) pass the test I set forth for them.


That's my thought for the day.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

*smile* LOL!

I've been reading a blog, MTAE. I like reading him, his posts run the range, funny smart serious sad family work friends.

Sometimes, as I'm writing a post, I write it just to see what kind of comment he'll leave me. For a perfect example, please read the next post down.

MTAE: Your comments, or lack there of, are always appreciated. You crack me up. I hope the feeling is mutual!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Still Single

I'm 34.

I'm single.

I have been single for the vast majority of my life.

Thus, as you might guess, I am frequently horny. Surprised?

Now, in my life, there have been a couple of 'special friends'. There is, however, only 1 that has stood the test of time. We've been crossing our paths for 12 years now. I was supposed to see him this week, but his schedule didn't open up like he thought it would. We're both hoping for this week.

I'm not good at being single.

One guy noted, upon dating me for a month or two, that I never turned down sex.

Apart from 1-night-stands, I don't, as a rule, turn down sex. Especially when I'm dating someone. That's one of the major reasons that I date. For the sex. Because why would I deal with the rest of the whole relationship-stuff if I didn't get some boy-girl action?

I have in front of me a situation. Which I should not act on. Because it will only lead to bad things. I'm not sure it's even a situation. It's more in my mind than anything else. But being single and horny, it is a rather prominent thought in my head.

Yeah. That's it. Just needed to put into words. I probably won't act on it. I usually don't. But it's there.

Dear God, if you don't want me to continue to have sex outside of marriage, please, GIVE ME SOMEONE TO MARRY!!! Amen.

That was more of a demand than a prayer, wasn't it? hmm

Monday, June 22, 2009

short update


The neuro appointment is in mid july.

My friend Katie is home. still having very very tiny contractions and on modified bed rest at home, but doing better. Her daughter is being taken care of by various and sundry family members.

The tile for the kitchen and bath have been picked and laid already. The kitchen is awesome! It's a different tile, but it looks so cool in that room. The bathroom is good, the tub surround is done, the floor will be laid tomorrow. Now I just need to pick colors for the walls.

The AC is great! It's much more efficient than it was.

The sink, toilet and tub are going to be either bisque or almond, I'm not sure which.

On the bad side, mom's cancer has spread to the epithelial (surface) of her lungs, it is causing fluids to build up and making it hard to breath and do anything other than sleep. They're probably going to insert a drain tube to help keep it clear. Dad had a melt down. I'm going to start going to all of her appointments with him.

They're anticipating having the house done in 2 weeks. My sanctuary will finally be mine again.

I exchanged my digital converter box, and the new one works ok, but I still don't get FOX or PBS. My cell phone contract is expired. I think I'm going to cave in and get the AT&T triple pack, cell phone, home internet and cable/satellite/whatever. I hate that. But part of my sanctuary is my tv, and I want my tv, so that means I'm going to have to suck it up and do something about it. I hate that.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

{explosion} NOW WHAT?!?!?

I sent this as an email to a friend, but it hightlighted what's been going on in my life pretty well, so I'm posting it here. I will update on the neuro appointment.

It's just been a hard time lately.

I've been having tremors and muscle spasms for awhile now, but they're getting more frequent and severe, so I had an appointment with neurology on Monday, but my brother called last night and the fluid they took from mom's lungs 3 weeks ago is showing something, but the doctor said it's not something he will discuss over the phone, so instead of the neurology appt I'm going in with the family to talk with mom's oncologist. That pushed my neuro appointment until middle of July.

My friend Katie is having pre-term labor and they are having a hard time getting it under control. She's 5 months, which is viable, but that's still way too early to deliver. They have a 2 1/2 year old that I'm helping take care of. Katie's parents have finally been called, so that's not on me, but I still worry.

My kitchen and bathroom are being updated, so the house is in total chaos. I had to completely empty the kitchen and bath, which is all in my second bedroom, and the garage, which I thought would be organized by now, isn't. They have been turning off the AC during the day, and turning it on at 5pm when they leave, when the house is 95, and the coils (? I think that) froze. They had to bring an AC guy out, but they had to leave the fan running until it all thawed, so last night I had all the windows open and fans on, which should have been enough, but the fan for the AC unit had to be on, so it was pumping hot air into the house faster than it could cool it down.

Tuesday night when I came home all of the smoke detectors were alarming and the Carbon Monoxide detector was screaming. I threw all the breakers in the house and managed to shut down the smoke detectors, but I had to rip the battery out of the CO monitor. When I plugged it back in it reset, so I'm thinking just a low battery? Not sure on that one.

I have picked out the bathroom floor tile and tub surround tile, the formica for the kitchen counters and the tile for the kitchen nook. I still have to pick out the sink/toilet/tub color, a vanity, the kitchen sink, get a new cat door and look for an interior door that matches the ones I already have. I still need to pick the paint color for the kitchen, nook, and bathroom.

I don't want to talk about work right now.

All I do is put out fires, and I'm running out of water. I can't process anything else. My brain is full to bursting, and I start my period in 3 days.

We have a random holiday tomorrow, Emancipation Day, instead of getting a 3 day weekend for 4th of July. My friend Michelle and I are going to the a water park here in our town tomorrow. Should be fun. Fresh air, sunshine and water should put me in a little better mood. At least, that's my hope.

Dear God, I don't think I can handle very much more right now. Keep my family and friends safe and healthy, and keep me sane. That last one wasn't a joke. If there was any time in my life that I needed my sanity, it's now. Amen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Picture Wednesday

It was going to be wordless, but there's a story behind the pics:

My boss told our new lab person that she should have Jane* show here how to do a particular experiment because she was very careful and meticulous, and that she had received very high commendation from the department that trains us, and you could tell how good a worker she was by how clean her desk is:

Then, he looked at me. This is my lab desk:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Welcome Home!

I am having the kitchen and bath remodeled while I am living in it. I won't make this mistake again. Next time I'll go rent an apartment for 1 month.

I came home tonight to every fire alarm and the carbon monoxide detector.

Every one.

I took the battery out of the carbon monoxide detector. When I plugged it in it reset properly.

I still can't get the cats to come in.

Welcome Home!

That thing called a JOB

So I had to email my dad about something, and I needed a reply, and then he needed a reply.

I sent my message at around noon. He replied around 2. I was in another lab away from my phone and computer. At 2:30 he calls my phone and tells me I need to check my computer because he emailed me and I hadn't responded. When I got done WORKING, I sat down at my computer and phone. And found both the email and the phone message.

Does anyone else see the irony here? That he was frustrated that he couldn't get in touch with me during the day, while I was at work? Because I was working??

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I haven't been able to post anything for quite awhile now. I'm not sure why. I think I've just been overwhelmed.

I've had a full and busy couple of weeks. The contractors, the garage, the car, friends and family and phone calls. OMG the phone calls. I haven't had this many phone calls in AGES. Not that I'm complaining, necessarily. I love that I have friends who call me and want to talk to me, but it feels like I'm talking on the phone all the time right now.

There are the Sunday Evenings at the beach, which I LOVE, but they take up time, too.

Worrying about getting the kitchen and bath cleared out so that they contractors could start demolishing them, but first I had to clean out my extra bedroom so that I've been putting off for months so that I would have a place to PUT the stuff from the kitchen. That took an entire afternoon.

Mom and dad came down Labor Day weekend (and we had a talk about the new car and how it happened and why I hadn't told them (dad's comment was, 'You've gone through more cars than I've ever owned)) and we went and bought the appliances, new oven, fridge and dishwasher (YIPPEE!! Dishwasher!!!). I had to buy the tankless water heater, and since the old one was gas, I bought a gas tankless. Then the contractors were looking at it and decided that the vent kit I bought wouldn't fit the house design, and then we talked some more and I was reminded that we had decided to go with an Electric, so I had to go back to Lowes and exchange it.

My pregnant friend was in a car accident the other day, so she was in the hospital and I was thinking and worrying about her, plus I've been trying to go to the gym.

And, I'm supposed to be picking out tile for the bathroom floor and tub surround, and the sink I want and the formica for the counter tops, plus the vanity and sink for the bathroom, which is harder than I thought it would be.

And then there's the ex, who is still texting me and working me into a tizzy (I know, I know. Really. I know).

wow, when I write it all out, that seems like a lot to deal with in 3 weeks.

And I haven't even mentioned work.

I made an appointment today with a neurologist. The spasms I've been having are getting worse and more frequently, and the tremors are coming more often, and I'm slurring words and don't know it, my friend michelle pointed this out. I hope it's just tired and drug side effects. Because I don't want to contemplate any of the terrible things that might cause that list of symptoms.

Dear God: Give me peace and strength to handle all that life is tossing at me right now. Keep me in your arms and remind me that you want every good thing for me, and that this too, shall pass. Amen.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

digital tv

SHITTY FUCKING RAT'S ASS DOG LICKING BUTT KISSING DIGITAL CONVERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I could go on, but it would only become more obscene, and I've been chastised once for bad language on this Christian blog. To whoever left that comment: Suck it. When I'm perfect and don't cuss anymore, then I'll let you know and you can rest easier).

The reception sucks down here, I can't get PBS, and it cost me $60 to find this out.

At least with the analog if the channel wasn't clear I could still watch it. Now the digital signal breaks up so bad that if it's a slightly weak signal you can't even begin to make out what's supposed to be going on.

I hope to hell that whoever started this is making tons of money, because if the public ever finds out who's making the money from this I'll go burn their house down. And I'll go to jail for it, because they have cable.

I was perfectly happy with analog. Digital sucks.

BTW, digital sucks.

Oh, and did you know that digital sucks?