Friday, May 22, 2009

Twenty Questions: America, Heck Yeah!

rockle-riffic: Twenty Questions: America, Heck Yeah!

1.Three songs that contain "U.S.A." in the title (easy)
Proud to be an American, God Bless America, Born in the USA FINE! Surfin' USA

2.Three TV shows that featured a beach in the opening credits (easy)
2 1/2 men, China Beach, Baywatch

3.Three kinds of salads that might be served at a picnic (easy)
Potato, Pasta, Fruit

4.Three kinds of beverages that people drink in the summer (easy)
lemonade, beer, ice tea

5.Three games or activities that are played outdoors (easy)
water volleyball, river tubing, water parks

6.Three movies that "reference" the 4th of July in the title (moderate to hard)
Independence Day, Born on the 4th of July, ???

7.Two songs about American cities that were recorded by foreigners (hard)
Not a single clue. I don't know about songs and musical artists.


NGS said...

I think you're playing a little fast and loose on #1. America isn't the same as U.S.A. technically speaking. Right?

rockle said...

i was looking for answers to #1 that actually had "U.S.A." in the title. i was able to come up with three easily, and my sister came up with others. my mother refused to answer at all on the grounds that "i am too old for this crap."

sorry for the offensive title on my original post, btw -- as you know, i am a cusser, but i like to save the "F" word for special occasions. not sure that this is quite one, but i have a weird rash and the antihistamines are making me buggier than usual.

thanks for playing! i will post "my answers" on tuesday. (except for #1 and #7, you're doing great!)

Tony said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog, doing that post about my Navy days certainly brought back some fond old memories. It came about after my youngest son who's currently in the Navy himself asked if I had any old Navy photos so I decided to blog them.

Just a side point & not meaning to offend but maybe you should lose the use of swearing especially the F word on your blog seeing as your sidebar notes mentions twice that you go to church every Sunday. It just kinda reflects badly on you. As I said no offence intended just how I see it.