Friday, May 15, 2009

New Car

I've never bought a car on my own. Dad has always done it. The last time, I wanted to do it, but instead of stepping back and helping me, dad took over, big surprise, and once again I was simply the person who signed where indicated.

This time, I haven't even told my parents that I've had an accident. I will simply go home with a new car.

However, I am a little worried about all of this. I keep second-guessing myself. Do I really want that subaru? It has some nice features, but it's gold, and I'm not overly fond of the color. On the other hand, it has less mileage and a better price than the other subaru forester.

Or do I buy the Ford Escape? The reviews seem to be black and white, either it runs great and they love it, or it is a lemon and they are forever fixing it. However it has most of the same features as the subaru, and the color is better. Price is less, but more miles. Same year as the subaru.

Gas mpg is about the same between the two. Subaru holds its value better than the ford. Ford is cheaper to fix and get parts for. Subaru is still standing strong as a company, Ford might not be here in 10 years.

I'm trying to talk myself out of worrying here. Just because my father and brother keep cars until they are dead doesn't mean I have to. If I don't like it then I can trade it in next year. I don't have to keep this car into eternity. My credit score is so good that I'm getting an excellent apr, so as long as I keep up with my payments it can only look good on my credit history and I will be able to get a new auto loan when I want/need it.

Dear Lord, thank you for the self-discipline that it took to get my credit score where it is. Thank you for insurance to pay off my car. Thank you for a good job that provides me with enough money to get a good reliable dependable car. Keep watching over me, so that when I get into my next accident I come out unscathed. amen.


rockle said...

fwiw, my sister used to work for ford, so i'd never buy one, but lots of people i know swear by them. i drive a VW myself, but i'm a fancy-pants yuppie wannabe, so.

I'm Still Me said...

Good luck! I'm an import girl myself and would love to get a Subaru one day. My aunt has one and I was surprised how sturdy and "full of metal" it felt when I drove it. I hope you find some fun in buying the car because it can be a fun experience.

Anonymous said...

Letting someone else make this decision would alleviate the worrying, but that defeats the purpose of doing this yourself. There aren't time machines that let us go into the future for things like this...

Watch out! Dad might be a little "hurt" for being left out of this one.