Monday, May 18, 2009


It has become the custom to go out to lunch with friends after church. It is usually 8 or 9 people, though at times it is signicantly more. This past sunday it was 6 of us. The pastor and his wife, my friend Katie and her husband and their 2yo daughter.

I have often wondered where the pastor's 2 daughters got their overly dramatic tendencies. I have only ever witnessed the pastor's wife as a reasonably sane and easy going woman.

But then we ate lunch on Sunday.

We went to a small local restaurant that is quite an attraction for the tourists, but the food is good and it's now full out summer yet, so it's usually safe for lunch on Sundays.

Mrs. Pastor ordered a kid's hamburger plate. It was served on thick-sliced bread, not on a bun. One slice of the bread had a medium-sized hole in it. Mrs. Pastor had a fit. First she wanted to have the waiter bring her a new piece of toast, but then decided that she didn't. Then she demanded, out loud, that what kid would want to eat such an inferior hamburger, and that just because it was a kid's meal that they should at least make it edible. Then, the fact that the last time they had messed up her order and this time the bread had a hole in, it indicated that the restaurant was now on the taboo list for lunch after church, that she wasn't eating there again if they couldn't be bothered to produce a decent meal.

This went on for 10-30 minutes. I just kept my mouth shut. I couldn't have added to this, and was thinking how petty and silly she sounded. It was a slice of bread, for heaven's sake!

And as I sat there listening to the tirade, I thought, "AhA!! NOW I know where the 2 daughters get that quirk.

Dear Lord, help me to see in me what others see in me, especially the absurd, over-reactive, emotional, and spoiled parts of my personality. Thank you. Amen


rockle said...

i hope against hope every day that my daughter won't turn out like me, although most of the time i am well-behaved in restaurants. more than one of me is more than the world can handle -- heck, just ONE of me is probably more than the world can handle.

of course, self-awareness is sometimes the first step in preventing the behavior.

Anonymous said...

It is all learned behavior. Surely there are exceptions, but not in this case...or so it seems.