Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I had a dream about grandma last night.

The family was together for christmas. Grandma was sitting in a rocking chair playing with my niece Emma. I watched them and laughed with them, and then I remembered that grandma was gone. So I went to the kitchen where all the men were talking and I asked my Uncle, very quietly,"Wasn't Grandma gone? Hasn't she died?"

He answered yes, so I led him to the living room and we watched grandma playing with Emma. We were amazed, and no one else seemed to notice. Grandma looked up at us and smiled. She set Emma on the floor and walked over to us and told us that even though she was dead, she was still here, and that she would always be here. And she turned transparent and disappeared. And still, no one seemed to notice.

I have never had a dream like that. I don't ever recall having a dream about grandma or granpa. It left me sad, but peaceful. I'm not prone to too much sentimentality, but I wonder if it was just my emotions playing out in my brain, or if it was something more. I posted here about ghosts. But this feels different.

I don't really have a prayer for this post.

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Jolly Johnstons said...

That made my heart hurt for you.