Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another freaking car that I've totaled.

So, my flight came arrived at 12:20pm on Monday. My father had given me a check to deposit for the contractors to start on the garage. I tried to deposit it at my crappy bank, the one that is pretty hard to work with, despite the fact that they exist inside a wal-mart and are open 7 days a week, but they wanted 7 working days before they would allow me to draw on it. So I went to my credit union (great, but only 1 location on the island, and none between here and the other main college town), and they told me 3 days, I deposited it monday, I can withdraw the funds thursday morning.

All of this to set up the fact that I didn't mean to be on the island on Monday. I had tried not to be, but I needed that check deposited, so I didn't even stop to unload the car, I just kept driving. Then I called my friend Michelle to see, since it was about 1:30, if she had already eaten lunch, and if not, would she like to join me? No, she'd already eaten. Ok. So I went home.

Except. I mean, it happened so fast, all I could do was react, and I remember thinking, 'What the hell happened to my brakes???'. I was driving on the only road off the island. And somehow, I'm still not sure how, I was in the right lane, tried to move into the middle lane, and I think I jerked. It surprised me, so I stepped on the brake. Hard. And my Anti-lock brakes, didn't anti-lock. I started to fishtail, then I spun out. Fortunately no other cars were involved. I hit the concrete barrier on the right almost head on. My airbags deployed. Immediately 2 people stopped, one was a nurse, one was a chaplain! I laughed (I was shaking pretty bad, so it was a watery shaky laugh, but still a laugh) that at that point I had my bases covered. Police and EMS and Fire department were called (I was hoping that my friend wouldn't be on the team called out!) and I was declared OK. No pain, no headache, no broken bones, no airbag burns, I bruised my knee when it smacked the under part of the dash, but it wasn't bleeding or sprained, just bruised.

My friend michelle picked me up tuesday morning, and drove me home tuesday evening. Wednesday the contractors were due to start, so I wanted to be home in the morning, anyway. But I called and put my name of 5 rental car waiting lists. Finally at 7pm, a car became available. I had them pick me up this morning at 7:30, and now I have a very cheap basic kia rio, no power anything! I'm getting the insurance rate, even though my insurance doesn't pay for towing or rental.

And today, just a few minutes ago, I called the collision center and they told me that my car would probably be totaled.

So, booo, now I have another 2-3 years worth of car payments, but yippee! I get a new (still used) car!

Dear God, thank you for protecting me, again. Thank you for the nurse and chaplain, they were a great help. Amen


I'm Still Me said...

I'm glad you are ok.

Anonymous said...

It is good you are alright. I would have asked for help from the nurse, but told the chaplin to sit this one out.

Jolly Johnstons said...

Wow that really really stinks. I'm glad you're okay though. That's the most important part.

SUEB0B said...

Wow. I'm glad you didn't get hurt and that you had good help right away. I had a dream last night about losing my brakes...weird.