Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Dad is paying to remodel the house, garage, kitchen and update bath. We had 6 contractors come look at the work and submit a bid.

The first 5 were local to the town I live in, and then one was close to dad and drove down to me. Dad liked the one close to him, because he was willing to work with dad, let dad do things like wire the garage, put down tile in the bathroom, that sort of thing. I felt like this was a disaster waiting to happen. I asked mom to sort of help me on this, that if/when she heard dad talk about this, point out how hard it would be. Plus, my dad is 60, and doing that much work on his own, with only me to help, would be hard.

I liked another company, Isaac was the person who worked up the bid. I liked him, he didn't set off any alarms, and my gut feeling was that he would do a good job.

Dad had shut down 4 of the 5, but we didn't have the final bid from Isaac. I asked dad to just keep an open mind and talk to Isaac. Then, after that, I told dad that whoever he chose would be fine, the guy near him or Isaac.

Last night, dad came to my house to meet with Isaac and go over the bid. We got to the end. Dad says, "So, do you have the papers to sign?"

I was shocked! I asked mom what she said to him, she looked at me surprised and told me she hadn't said anything to him.

I guess my opinion counted for more than I thought. Cool. We start May4.

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