Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thought-provoking Thursday

Manic Mother
My stomach has never been flat. I've always had a little pudge. In high school, when I weighed all of 100lbs, I wouldn't wear tight-fitting dresses or skirts, because I thought my pudge was too bad. Then in college, where I weighed all of 120lbs, I woudn't wear a bikini, or tight-fitting dresses because I thought my pudge was too big. Then in Grad school, (can you see this one?) I finally realized that I had NO IDEA what I had at the time, because I had a great figure in high school, and in college!

So now, I would like my stomach to be shapely, not flat, necessarily, but prettier than it is now. And NOW I finally know, that I should quit judging myself too harshly, because there may come a day when I look back on what I look like now and say to myself, "I looked so good then!! Why couldn't I see that then???"


Manic Mother said...

So true! I was a thing of beauty in high school, but I of course thought I was fat...oh to be young and naive again!

NGS said...

I feel you so much. I look at pictures of myself from high school and college and wonder what I was ever worried about.

I try to appreciate each day, knowing I'll never look like this again! It's hard to do on a bad hair day, but I do my best!