Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thought Provoking Thursday

Manic Mother

What would be your idea of a “perfect” evening?

Over the years the answer to this question has changed.

In college, undergrad, it was drinking, bar-hopping, dancing with guys and hanging out with my friends.  Getting drunk was a high priority, but so was Meeting Guys.

In grad school, it was dinner out with friends, then to the same bar, drinking, hanging out with friends and dancing with guys (notice the change in position; the focus had shifted from guys to Friends).  Getting drunk was NOT the objective here, but at times it was a bi-product.

Now?  Making a meal, having friends over, watching a movie.  If there is alcohol at all, it is a glass or 2 of wine, and the end point is merely spending time and enjoying company.  Getting drunk is a total accident, and mostly to be avoided.

I think this means I've finally grown up.  That makes me smile.  I like it.


Manic Mother said...

I love that you include what your answer would be depending on your age! Thanks for playing

Anonymous said...

I think that i have been sick more times in the past five years that I have had "too much to drink"...but I still wake up with a headache!