Friday, March 27, 2009

~:-O (light bulb over head)

Last night when I went to take my nightly regiment of pills, I found 2 little blue pills sitting on the counter. Those are my mood stabilizers, Lamictal. Somehow I missed those 2 pills on wednesday night. And I had one of those great AHA! revelations.

The last 2 times I drank anything alcoholic, circumstances were such that I didn't get to take my pills. The first of these events was Mardi Gras, were I admittedly drank too much alcohol. When I got home, I laid down on my couch and forgot to take my pills. I was MISERABLE the next day. But it was more than just a hangover. I've had my share of hangovers, and this was not a typical hangover. I was lightheaded, dizzy, nauseous, and EVERYTHING tasted bad. That's not a normal hangover for me, usually Dr. Pepper and french fries taste good to me when I have a hangover.

The second time, I only had 1 glass of wine, and I didn't get enough sleep, so I attributed the dizzy/lightheaded/bad taste to too little sleep with a touch of hangover. But still, the hangover lasted WAY too long for one glass of wine and too little sleep.

So now I know. I feel much better for having an answer. At least now I know the reason for the feeling like crap.

But I'm going to keep the neurology appointment, because the dizzy spells and earaches have been getting worse, and more often. And they're not related to skipped pills.

Dear God, thank you for an answer. Thank you for mood stabilizing medications, doctors, nurses, insurance, and enough money for me to pay for all of those things. Amen.

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