Monday, March 9, 2009

mmmm relaxing...

I think I have expressed here in the past that I get my legs waxed. I like getting my legs waxed, if only because I'm lazy and I HATE shaving my legs. Like, I HATE shaving my legs. In the winter time I just stop, because I'm always wearing pants and I HATE shaving my legs.

So, when I discovered waxing, I was understandably excited about the idea of waxing, and then not having to worry about them for weeks at a time.

However, I'm also cheap, and the cheapest I could find was $65-70, and that was just for a half leg (knees and down). After several years of occasionally splurging on this, I started looking around, seeing if anything nearby was cheaper.

Imagine my surprise when I found that the local high-end spa cost only $45 for a half-leg! YEAH! And then, a friend told me that if you were local, you got a 10% discount.

OMG! I just got a leg wax for $36!!!!! I was so excited that I left the lady a $10 tip. I was going to going to give her $5, but I was feeling generous.

I have friends, friends who have pushed a child through their girl bits, tell me, "Oh! That would hurt!". ???? You pushed a child THROUGH YOUR GIRL BITS!! How could a leg was even compare? AND, I discovered today, that I kind of like the way it feels. It makes my legs smooth and pretty for 2 weeks, and when the hair grows back in it is smooth and fine and light blonde. Also, the more you wax, the less hair you have, which appeals both to my HATRED of shaving, and my cheap nature.

For $40, I am totally devoted to leg waxing. I can do my arm pits and bikini line at home.

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