Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jeff Dunham.

Went to see Jeff Dunham last night. The ticket cost was close to extortion, but worth every penny. We were about 15 rows back on the floor. I could mostly see him, but sometimes the people in front of me shifted, so I had to shift, etc.

It was side-splitting funny. OMG, I laughed until I cried a couple of times.

But the best part, the part I will remember for a long time, was when he brought out Bubba J.

Now, Bubba J isn't normally part of the Sparks of Insanity show, and he hadn't worked with this character much later. So the Bubba J routine was the same routine that is on youtube:

Most of the people had watched this many times on youtube, so that when Jeff started into this act, people knew the punchlines. So Jeff would set up the joke, and the audience would finish the joke along with Bubba J.

It was AWESOME!! He got about 4 or 5 jokes in, and then he stopped, looked at the audience, and declared that "This is officially the weirdest show EVER". I'm still lauging.

The final punchline is that Walter is the greeter in Walmart, and he greeted the customers with "Welcome to Walmart! Get your S**t and Get Out!" The audience chimed in loud and clear.

This was one of the best shows I've ever seen. If you get the chance, definitly take it.

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SUEB0B said...

My sis LOVES Jeff Dunham but I find him entirely laugh-free. Ah, different strokes.