Monday, March 23, 2009

I am in such a good mood today. Yesterday I worked outside in my yard for the first time in a LONG time. Mom was sick in the fall, and I just didn't put any energy into the front flower bed.

But yesterday I went to Home Depot, I bought 2 six-packs of annuals, 2 daises, 2 Gardenias, plus rose and flower fertilizer and weed killer and yard fertilizer. I spent a small fortune, but I still had a rather large gift card from earlier this year (or maybe late last year, I'm not sure) from donations to our church after Ike, so I used that. I'm not sure which church it was that sent that one, but I offered a prayer of thanks for them. My friend Katie also gave me 2 rose bushes, one pink and one dark red. I'm not much of a rose gardener, but I'll give these a shot.

Then I went to our local recycling center and got 2 bags of mulch and 2 bags of really nice compost. The 2 bags of mulch were easy, I filled them about 2/3 full and put them into my car. Then I loaded 2 bags of the compost about 1/2 full, and they were SO HEAVY, I had to empty them to about 1/3 full and then I heaved them into the car. I was amazed how dense this stuff was. I went home, broke the ground with a shovel, mixed in the compost, planted and planted and planted, then mulched. And then, since it was only 5, I raked half of my yard. It filled 2 1/2 bags with leaves. Dead dry crumbling oak leaves. I really should have raked late in the fall, rather than early in the spring.

If my back and shoulders can take it, I'll finish raking the yard this afternoon. Then, a quick fertilizer, and wait for the rain tomorrow. I forget how much I like to work in my yard. It's nice, and I like that I can see how pretty it is when I'm done.

I'm always in a better mood when I can spend some time in the sun. Fresh air and Sunshine always put me in a better mood. Plus, I sleep well, and that's good, too. Drug-free sleep is always best.

Dear God, thank you for flowers in the spring, warm sunshine on my back, my own cute little house, a strong body to work, and good health to WANT to work. Amen.

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