Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was just on the phone to my clinic, the nurse practioner that was with my doctor is gone due to Ike. That's bad, because I like the NP more than I liked my primary.

So, I left a message that the nurse or NP should call me back, I want to try to get a refill of my Flonase, preferably without an exam to go with it. I doubt it, but nothing tried, nothing gained.

As receptionist/secretary/phone person was about to hang up, she told me, "Ok, I put this in to have the nurse call you back. Hopefully someone will call you back today."

Hopefully? Are you kidding? Hopefully???

That's just sad.


Jolly Johnstons said...

Yeah, try calling pedi when your kid has 104 fever, vomiting and is inconsolable. They have about the same response. All of the good ones got RIF-ed I think. Or just left.

rockle said...

oh, i used to work at a doctor's office, and i could tell you some STORIES.