Sunday, January 4, 2009

A year in review, sort of

So, my dad gave me some money for Christmas. Actually, a good little bit of money. However, the night I got back home my car window was broken, and the running around of the Rather Large City that I live very close to was shortly curtailed. Besides the fact that I could only run 1 errand at a time (because, of course, I couldn't CLOSE my car, much less lock it), running around THAT town with one front seat window out could be considered something of a safety hazard.

So, the fun things I was going to buy this weekend I haven't been able to.

So, then I thought I'd blog.

But, then I wondered what I wanted to blog about. The Christmas Vacation (Officially, the CV) offered several choice options.

Like, CV Story #1: I know I've gained a couple of pounds. Since Ike hit, I've gained about 6 lbs, and probably 8 or so lbs since I last saw the grandparents. So the first night we were there, I walked to the kitchen to get a drink, and as I walked back into the living room, Grandma was telling Grandpa, "Wow, [granddaughter] has gained some WEIGHT!"

Yes, thank you Grandma. I know that. I am very much aware of that fact.

And CV Story #2: We had a Paternal Family gathering while we were in Illinois, and grandma (my mom's mom) thought it would be nice if we took something, so rather than fight her, we (grandma and I) made one of her 'salads'. It was an apple salad with whipped cream, marshmallows, peanuts, apples, and pineapples in syrup. As I cut up the apples to put into this sugar concoction, Grandma tells me that "if anyone at the party says they like it, you can tell them that YOU made it!" I said, "Grandma, I hate to tell you this, but I don't give a rats ass what the people at this party think of me." She was rather upset and a little shocked, but I thought that at my age I was allowed to tell her the truth.

And since I really don't want to use all that great fodder all at once, I needed something else to blog about.

I thought, A Year In Review, 2008!

Let's see: Mom: Started out in ICU, moved to Long Term Care unit, went home, started chemo again, cancer grew, transferred to Large Cancer Hospital, found Brain Cancer, treated it, back on chemo again. Bald again, and still pretty sick and very tired, but she's still alive and doing ok.

Dad: Still as arrogant as he was at the beginning of the year. Still completely convinced that NO ONE could possibly take care of mom or the house or ANYTHING as good as he does. But I love him.

Brother: Found a supplement that does seem to be helping his mood and sleeping issues. He's still a good dad, when he takes the time to be a good dad.

SIL: We've become friends, finally. We bond over my dad's complete arrogance, my brother's assed-ness, my nieces personality and her amazing brain, well, we bond over lots of things.

Katie: Our friendship has grown this past year, we've become closer by several degrees. I'm watching her, and I see myself, realizing that the restrictions that we grew up with our parents do not have to be our restrictions, that you don't have to continue to relive your parent's lives. The idea that you really can become whoever you want to be, and ultimately the person you are responsible to is yourself.

My Obnoxious Grad Student: We started the year OK, but as the year drug on, she decided that I wasn't a good researcher, and that I didn't work hard enough. I told her early on that she was making herself too available to our boss, and as he began to demand meetings for her at 7pm, and working very late multiple days of the week, she sort of blamed me, partly because I WASN'T available to him like that. After Ike, I was sincere in my offers to help her, and I guess she saw that, because after Ike she was much nicer to me face to face. She probably is still talking trash about me behind me, but at least she makes nice when I'm there.

(I had to look over my blogs from the year to remember what all I did. Damn, I think that means I'm getting old...)
Me: I got a new computer. I got a raise. I gained some weight I worked a part time job for 4 weeks. I spent some time with my Cousin over her Spring Break. I went to Illinois to see family. I had a boyfriend. I got to have sex a few times. I fixed my bathroom door. I lost a boyfriend. I made a list. I gained a little insight into my own personality. I fixed my kitchen faucet. I joined a gym. I painted the trim in my living room and hallway. I hosted a Christmas party. I went to see family in Illinois (yes, that's twice this year. I AM a good Daughter/granddaughter). I learned how to make grandma's good cinnamon rolls.

Dear God, Thank you for all of my family and friends this year. Thank you that we are all still alive and kicking. Thank you for mom's continuing good responses to the treatment. Some of the lessons I've had to (re)learn I feel have been a bit redundant, but I guess thank you that they weren't any harder than they were. Amen.

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