Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some funny/interesting things

Last year in August, one of the sales rep's I work with totally screwed another sales rep I work with out of a pretty big sale, and thus a pretty big commission. By the time it got to our Purchasing office, the deal had been made and the second sales rep was SOL. It really upset me, so I've quit using the first sales rep's company. As his is a very large company, me not ordering for him isn't much of a big deal to him, but it means something to me, so I do it.

That means that some of the items that I purchase look different now.

For instance:

'[my name], is this still good?'

'What is it?'

'The bottle says Methanol.'

'Why wouldn't it be good? Isn't it still sealed?'

'Yes, but it looks different.'

'What? It's still Methanol, it's just from a different supplier, that's all.'

'Oh, so it's the same thing?'

'Yes, it is still 100% Methanol. It's ok to use.'

'Well, I just wanted to make sure.'

Christmas Eve I got a text message from Ex. It was a joke that he forwarded. I didn't respond, first because it was christmas eve and I was busy with family, and second, I don't respond to forward text messages. If you want to talk to me, then you have to text me something that warrants a response.

So, last night, I get another text: 'What are you doing tonight?'

Now, as it happens, I was at the gym when he texted me, and I didn't think to check my phone last night, so I didn't read the text until this morning. I did respond, but it was only to say that I was at the gym. I didn't ask what he wanted, or anything like that.

It makes me laugh. I KNEW he'd call/text me again. I knew it. I don't know how I knew it, but I did. And it intrigues me. Oh, I don't think I'm interested in dating him again, I'm pretty sure he burned that bridge, but I'm interested to see how long he'll keep contacting me. Especially when I haven't given him any encouragement to do so.

OH! Inspiration! It's because I'm acting like a total Bitch on this! Of course! Treat men well, and they run like they were being chased by the hounds of hell, but be a complete and total bitch, and they fall down at your feet. I guess, I've just never been a big enough bitch until now. HA!
Last night at the gym, I forgot to take a water bottle, so I had to go get water in the middle of the class. As I was walking through the gym, I saw a young woman crying to her weight lifting boyfriend.

"I just can't lift that much weight! And you aren't helping me at all! Why are you acting like this????" *in a tearful whine*

I laughed! Oh honey!

Rule #1: Don't go to the gym with your boyfriend. He doesn't want you to go, he doesn't want to be your trainer, he doesn't want to look after you.

Rule #2: If you INSIST on going to the gym with your boyfriend, DO NOT cry and whine at him.

Rule #3: If you cry and whine at him, he will get immensely pissed off with you, and maybe break up with you, and you will think he's a jerk, when really all he wanted to do was go and lift some weights.

Rule #4: If you MUST do something athletic with your boyfriend, go for a run/walk/bike ride together. But be prepared to be able to keep up, especially if he's already in pretty good shape and runs/bikes by himself.


NGS said...

Oh, lord. When I first started bike riding with my now husband, back when we were dating, the PAIN and agony of trying to keep up with him was excruciating. He was so fast and when he nonchalantly asked me how things were going, I sort of panted that things were fine and he laughed and slowed down!! But,'re totally right and that girl should just go off and quietly get on an elliptical machine by herself!!

SUEB0B said...

That methanol story...I have an employee who would SO do that. She drives me crazy with the questions.