Thursday, January 15, 2009


When my niece was born, it came to be known that she probably wouldn't get to go see her great-grandma up in Illinois very often. As it turns out, SIL and Brother have managed to get up there 3 times now, which is pretty good, considering my brother's temperament and the length of the drive.

Now, my SIL is Hungarian. All of her family is still in Hungary. Bro, SIL and Niece have been to Hungary twice now, and will go quite a bit more often as niece gets older. But, still niece and her Nanji (hungarian for Grandma) don't see each other very often, even if they do talk once a week.

Shortly after niece was born, mom and I thought it would be a nice idea if we got a DVD recorder so that we could make DVD's of niece's life and send them to extended relatives.

Dad objected, but since he had the money and mom pushed for it, he did it. I have gotten nothing but crap from my dad about this camera for 3 years!!! SIL and brother don't use it quite like we (mom and I) had hoped. What's worse, until I got my MAC none of us had a nice enough computer to make burning DVDs an easy thing.

Somehow, it has fallen to me to figure out how to make all of this work. I'm not sure how, as she's NOT MY CHILD. But dad won't yell at bro or sil, he'll yell at me instead. Bro objected to it to start with, so he won't take any steps to help fix the problem. this leaves my SIL, myself and mom between brother and dad. And I'm a good daughter, so I take it and try to find a way to fix it. So my bro or sil won't take his nice gaming computer into Best Buy and tell the help desk: This is what I need to do. Make it work!

But no. Instead I do that.

Likewise, tomorrow I will go buy a MAC compatible DVD burner so that I can take the stupid mini disks from the camcorder and I will figure out the software, and I will make a regular sized DVD, I will take home to my brother and sil a dvd that they can burn and send on.

I catch the same crap for not sending my grandmother (niece's great-grandma) current pictures of said niece.

Once again, she's NOT MY CHILD. why are you telling me? tell her mother! or, since you talk to your grandson once or twice a month, TELL HIM!

Because (say it with me) SHE'S NOT MY CHILD.

that leads to another Christmas Vacation story: the answer to why g-ma asks me for pics is because when she does, I send her whatever I have, which are usually fairly recent. But the last time this was brought up, I told her to ask my brother. Oh, she couldn't do that! ?? WTH?? you can harass me and try to make me feel bad, but you can't do it to your grandson??


NGS said...

I'm sorry, this sounds like it really stresses you out. But, I couldn't help but laugh. Families are the same all around the world, aren't they? Big pains in our rears!!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

How new is your Mac? Most of the newer ones come with a DVD burner in them.
My husband is a HUGE, HUMONGOUS Mac guy, so if you have any questions, zip them my way...

Cynthia said...

I'm dying laughing. But do they not have internet access in Hungary? Can't you (really, your brother) upload the videos to YouTube and tell everyone to get there and leave you alone?