Thursday, January 15, 2009


My Check Engine light went off. I'm not sure when, or why, but it's gone now.

It started coming on as a gas tank/cap error, but eventually it just stayed on all the time. Last week, I was late 2 days in a row, and I ran my poor car really hard, fast hard shifts, step hard on the gas, step hard on the brakes.

Then, no light. And it shifts easier, too. Yeah!
I sucked it up and bought a new flat-panel monitor for my computer at work. It was $100, but wow, my desk has so much more space with that monstrously large monitor that the computer originally came with. I figured my sanity was worth $100.
There was another funny story somewhere in my brain, but it is not accessible to me at this moment. I'll try to remember it and post it tomorrow. It was funny, too. You'd have laughed. probably.

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NGS said...

I blame all car strangenesses at this time of year on the cold. The bitter, awful, mind-numbing cold. I can't talk about this anymore. I'm going to go bundle up under five fleece blankets.