Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pray for me.

My washing machine in dying. It won't agitate. It will empty, but not agitate. Now, that's not entirely true, because if it's a very small load, with very little (or nothing) in it, it will agitate a little bit. But not enough to actually wash anything. And it will spin, but only if it didn't agitate during the wash cycle. And I have to help it start the final spin cycle.

I've looked online, and I'm thinking it's the agitator dogs.

Actually, I'm not thinking that. I'm hoping that it's that. I REALLY don't want to give dad's money to a new washing machine, or to someone who can fix mine. I just want the one I have to work.

Pray for me. I'm going to take it apart tomorrow night.

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Jolly Johnstons said...

When it rains, it pours. We just had to replace the oven - not a pleasant thing to do during the money-hemorrhaging season. I spell-checked hemorrhage and that totally doesn't look right to me, but I guess the computer is always right. You're welcome to bring your laundry over to our house if you need while yours is down. I checked craigslist and there's some reasonably priced units in the area if yours can't be fixed cheaply. This is so wordy because I can't say anything on my blog, it's Wednesday. :)