Friday, January 2, 2009

Not quite a Happy New Year Post

So, yeah, went to Illinois with mom and dad to see family, and there are several good posts in that, but to start the new year:

I got home at 7-ish on the 1st, having traveled more than 1000 miles in a car with my parents over two days, and I was glad to be back in my home, my bed, with my cats.

Then someone knocked on my door at 4AM. I thought I dreamed it, then they knocked again. I grabbed my phone and went to the door on high alert: "WHO'S THERE?????" Police Department! Show me some ID! Ok, he did.

Someone called in a suspicious person in our area, and as they were driving this area they noticed that my passenger window was busted. Yeah. Happy New Year.

The only thing he/she/they took was the $5 in my little change cup. $5. He/She/They took a brick to my window for a lousy $5.

I finally went back to sleep about 5:30. Then my very nice neighbor knocked on my door at 8AM to tell me my window was out.

Then my insurance called me at 9 to start my claim.

Of course, this being January 2, no one was available to actually WORK on my car. I set up an appointment for monday morning. My insurance deductible is $200. The price to fix my window? $195.46. Yeah. Happy New Year.


I managed to get the driver seat cleaned up, but of course, because there is glass EVERYWHERE, I have now tracked small amounts of glass into my house. So, now there are very tiny glass shards on my hardwood floors.

And now, it is supposed to rain tonight. My car door windows aren't framed. Do you know how hard it is to tape windows that are like that? At 9 at night, I had to run out and get duct tape, because all I had was packing tape and that doesn't stick to the metal.

It was at this point, when I was trying in the dark to tape a heavy duty black garbage bag to the frame of my car, ALONE, that I realized something.


I would really liked to have been a total girl about this.  I would have liked to  just called a boyfriend and say, "HELP!!"

And then, when I called dad, I don't know, maybe a little support?  maybe a gosh that sucks?  No, I got a lecture about how stupid it was that I left the $5 in view. And a reminder to lock my windows and doors. 3 times.

Happy New Year! Hope yours is starting off better than mine.


NGS said...

Dude, in my single days I lived in a slightly shady neighborhood and my car got broken into about half a dozen times. After the back window of my truck had been broken out TWICE ($400 each time!), I just started leaving the doors unlocked. After that, the car breaker intoers would rifle through stuff, but generally not take anything. I also stopped leaving anything remotely valuable in there!

The glass would get everywhere, but when I took the car in to get fixed, they vacuumed it up. Which was nice since I didn't/don't own a vacuum. (The vacuum thing is starting to touch a nerve.)

Soooo...I totally feel for you. I had no idea how much of a violation it would be when someone went through my STUFF. I'm sorry!! Things will look up soon, I'm sure!

Jolly Johnstons said...

OMG, that really really sucks. A lot. Anything we can do to cheer you up? Short of fixing the window I mean, because we don't know how to do that. Hugs!