Monday, January 12, 2009

It's the little things that make you smile...

Ok, this is really passive-aggressive, and it's pretty immature, too, but it makes me LAUGH, so I'm doing it anyway. I'm confessing it here.

It started, apparently, when I forwared a picture (very funny, a butt naked man face down in 4 feet of snow with a snorkel, mask, and fins on, titled: Snorkeling in Michigan) to Ex's sister and dad. I did this because I know that Ex's father likes to forward stuff like this, and it was funny. There wasn't an ulterior motive, I just sent it because it was funny.

Last week, when the Ex texted me, it turned into a bit of a text-fight. It went something like this:

Me: So, why are you texting me again all of a sudden, are you looking for a booty call?

Him: No. You emailed my sister. Don't do that again.

Me: Bite me.

Him: She's tired of all your weird shit.

Me: Why don't you get your own email address, that way it won't bother you who your sister is communicating with.

Him: I'm serious. Stop emailing my family.

Me: You know, I didn't email your sister until thursday, the text you sent me wednesday night was ALL you.

Him: Your Ass.

I stopped responding at this point, mostly because there didn't seem to be too much more to add.

Now, I'd like to point a few things out:

* His sister likes me. We got along pretty well while I was dating Ex, and if you remember from the first time this happened, we agreed that men are ass's, and brother's especially.
* His dad LOVES me. Most dad's do. They need to be 20 years or more older than I am, but the old men LOVE me.
* It makes me laugh that calling me weird is supposed to be an insult. I'm well aware that I stray a little far from 'Normal'. I made my peace with this many years ago. When I talk about work, I talk about Experiments and animals. When I talk about church, I talk about the Woman's group I belong to. When I talk about my friends, they run the gamut from Screaming Liberal, to very conservative, from my cousin at 22 to some ladies from church at 77. I'm ok with 'Weird'. I wear Weird as a badge of honor.

Now, the passive-aggressive and immature part: I will forward every goofy email I get to Ex's Sister and dad. Every one. And every time I do, it will make me laugh and smile all over again.