Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Vacation Story

CV Story #3

My grandma was all impressed with a young-ish man in their congregation who was a widower. They had 2 small children, 2 girls less than 6, I think, and the wife was killed in a traffic accident. And my grandma was so amazed at the young-ish man, that he didn't hurry up and get married, that he was taking care of the kids and raising them on his own, and grandma was just amazed at this.

I asked her, Well, they're HIS children, right? Like, they're not step children or adopted or anything, Right?

Yes, said Grandma.

Then, why is it so amazing? They're HIS CHILDREN. That's part of being a parent. You have the full responsibility of them. They are yours, even if your spouse dies early, they are still YOUR CHILDREN.

And Grandma says, "I guess we know why You're still Single".

...(it's rare that I'm actually speechless)

But, they're HIS CHILDREN. He SHOULD be taking care of them. That's what mature, responsible adults do. They stand by the commitments they make.

I guess if this is too much to expect from an adult male these days, then maybe that IS why I'm still single.

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Anonymous said...

You have to remember that she is from a generation where women were the ones who dealt with the children. She just reflecting that generation. And that was incredibly rude to say too. What kind of comment is that?? Men are not responsible for their offspring? AM I (because I am single) supposed to pick a "mate" who would be too incompetent to care for our children should something happen to me? That kind of comment kinda makes her sound ... well...stupid if you ask me. (not that you did). Anywhoo...Miss ya love ya hon.