Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday dinner

Tonight some friends and I went to dinner at the local Sushi restaurant. It finally opened after Ike, we were very excited. It was a nice time, we all got along and laughed and joked, I really enjoyed it.

Then 2 of my friends and I went to a small bar down the street. MIchelle has asthma, so we only stayed 2 hours, but still, it was a fun 2 hours. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy sitting in a bar and just enjoying the time. Of course, when I got home I had bar funk all over my cute new ornamental jacket, shirt, pants, and bra.

MIchelle and I agreed, we need to go to Large City, where there is a smoking ban on all restaurants, bars included. That way she can stay longer, and we don't have Bar Funk on us when we leave, and we can still sit and drink and listen to the music. I think maybe we can get a couple of people to go. That would be LOTS of fun!

Dear God, thank you for friends. Amen.

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SUEB0B said...

Friends make life worth living.