Monday, December 8, 2008

Random ramblings

It's monday, and I'm wracking my brains trying to find something to blog about.

I don't think I actually posted about my toe, so here goes. I had what I thought was an infected ingrown toenail, so on wednesday it hurt bad enough to go see a podiatrist. Now, I lied to my boss when I told him I didn't expect him to remove part of the toenail. I did. I was HOPING he wasn't going to, but I assumed that would be the easiest thing, the most painful, but the easiest.

I didn't watch, something about toenails and fingernails being removed turns my stomach.

Turns out that they cultured the infection, and it was...MRSA!!!

Yes folks, I had a methicillin resistant infection under my toenail. No wonder the antibiotic cream I was putting on it wasn't helping!

I've been on (I think) cephalosporin for 6 days, but they called in a stronger antibiotic for me today. Another 10 days of antibiotics, 3 times a day! Yeah!

And who the hell gets a MRSA infection in their TOE?? How on earth did that even happen? If I'd had a recent pedicure, I'd have blamed that, but I haven't had a pedicure in over a month.

Last night I was on my last birth control pill, so I ran to walmart to get my new prescription filled. Of course, I meant to do that 2 weeks ago, so I had a minor panic attack when I couldn't find the prescription, but I took all the crap out of my purse, and there it was!

While I was at walmart, I decided I needed an oil change (I was at 6000 miles...oops!), do you know what they're charging for an oil change now?? It was $30! At Walmart! I could have gone to a GOOD oil change place for that much!

I bought my niece her Christmas present, I was going to buy her a cabbage patch doll, but I didn't like any of the ones I found, so I bought her a My Little Pony. I loved my My Little Ponies! I hope she likes it.

I use the Medical Flex plan at work, because I always have office visit co-pays and Rx co-pays out the wazoo. Last year my plan was to take out $900.

I didn't do my math right last year, so I thought I wouldn't have enough receipts to get all my money back. I was WAY WRONG. Just my Rx co-pays were enough, I didn't even submit my office-visit co-pays. However, before I got the chance to realize that I WOULD have enough to cover it, the end of the fiscal year was upon us, and I had to re-elect all of my insurance plans at work, so I set the limit pretty low for the new year at $600. (this is going somewhere, I promise)

MISTAKE! The fiscal year starts 9-1, and as of 12/8, I have already spent over $600 in co-pays. That means, $600/quarter, that's $2400, roughly, for a years' worth of co-pays. And this doesn't take into account the over-the-counter medicines I buy.

I freaking HATE having to take all this medication. I'm thinking of getting an IUD, just so that there is ONE less pill to take each day.

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Neurotic Grad Student said...

MRSA!!! You poor thing!! I'm always so wobbly on antibiotics and I can't imagine what super strength ones are like. Feel better soon.