Monday, December 15, 2008

Not me Monday

It's Time for (Da da DAAAA):

I totally didn't have a MRSA infection IN MY FREAKING TOE (because how the hell does that even happen?)!!

I would not have dared fuss at my parents because they DID NOT call me when mom started her treatment of full brain radiation.

I did not have a conversation about semi-automatic VS fully automatic M16's that may or may not have been shot over thanksgiving weekend, because that would have made the FBI men totally listen to my conversation, which we didn't have.

I didn't contemplate calling the ex just so that I can get this STUPID TV ARMOIRE out of my car!!! Because I totally wouldn't end up having sex with him.

I did NOT spend my wednesday keeping an eye on the WOOT! Off, reading blogs, and putting off the next experiment, that MUST be started Monday.

I did not think evil thoughts about the stupid professors who were Laid Off, but are supposed to work until their contract is up in August, but who are TOTALLY NOT here, so that there isn't anyone to run the horribly complicated software attached to the horribly complicated microscope that I need.

I didn't almost have a breakdown at work because my tubing is off by about a millimeter, and it won't slide in the drying mechanism, and this experiment is doomed anyway, so WHY THE HELL are we still doing it?? Yeah, I didn't say evil, terrible, hurtful things about my boss in my head.

I wasn't so stressed at the idea of hosting a Christmas party that I was a bitch for 2 days, before I finally realized WHY I was being such a bitch.

I wasn't a little disappointed that the gift I got at our Ladies Aid Christmas party was a gift bath set. And I didn't almost try to trade with another woman to get the gift that I bought.

And Finally, I DID NOT write this every day last week, so that I would remember what it was that I didn't do.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Sounds like you had a busy week! I love your header!

rockle said...

hi! *waves all friendly-like* thanks for your comment on my blog. glad to have you as a reader. and now i am reading YOU, because we appear to have a bit in common, not the least of which is our unseemly affection for woot-offs, which i TOTALLY don't spend all day refreshing, either ... anyway. you're funny and i like you. :-)