Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday (I like this meme, I may have to do it again)

I Absolutely, 100%, never in a million years, DID NOT allow my F*** buddy of 11 years to come see me on Monday. Absolutely not. never ever. at all. nope. I didn't shave my legs or put clean sheets on the bed or anything like that.

Last week, when my ex-bf called me after 2 months of no calls, I did not tell him to make up his freaking mind, if we're dating we need to set some new rules, if we're not, then let it be the end already.

I did not say evil things when my boss called a 2pm meeting on the wednesday before Thanksgiving. And I wasn't secretly happy that we left Here too early to go to my church, and got there too late to go to mom and dad's church.

I was not thankful that I had taken Ted home with me, and therefore I had to leave thursday night rather than stay the whole weekend.

I did not blow off helping at the church in favor of sleeping in and doing some black friday shopping.

When baking with a friend, I did not let her do it all wrong, and told her after the fact. And she did not tell me to 'screw you'. HAHA, that definitely didn't happen.

I did not eat 3 pieces of pie for breakfast. (because I wasn't out of milk, and the pie I wasn't just calling out my name)

When I got back to my parents house on saturday, I was not irritated that, when I got there the tree was up and decorated, even though that was the reason that they told me that I needed to come back.

I did not use my niece as an excuse for my dad to pay for us to go see the Nutcracker.

I totally didn't take a nap on the couch this morning before work, so that I was about 1 1/2 hours late.

And, I really am trying very hard to go to they gym each day to try to get rid of the extra 10 pounds that I piled on after Ike.

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sheree said...

cute idea! You crack me up ;)