Thursday, December 4, 2008

The last of the Ex's posts

So, (it dawns on me how many of my posts start with you think that means something?)

So, when we last talked to the ex, we discussed trying again, moving very slowly. That was before thanksgiving, and I was curious about his decision.

I texted him last night, did he want to come watch my netflix DVD, I had Ron White (of Blue collar comedy team). Well, to make a long texted conversation short, he told me only if we was going to get laid. I told him no, that I addressed that the last time we talkd, and I meant it, I don't want another fuck buddy. Ultimately, he told me all he wanted was sex once in awhile.

Having addressed this TWICE, I ignored that last text. And realized that this is now over. I once again erased his number, I deleted the text messages, and I won't answer his calls.

Not unexpected, but still hurt my feelings a little bit, and it made me a little sad.

I sure am tired of being single.

Dear God, WHY WHY WHY????? Amen (this is a very common prayer for me)


Neurotic Grad Student said...

I did a World of the last 100 of my most recent entries and the words "so" and "just" are the biggest ones. I think most of my sentences begin with so or like. I am so like a Valley girl.

I think it's bad to erase the numbers of people you want to avoid. I did that once with an ex-bf and when he called like six months later, I didn't recognize the number and I answered!! If I had just saved the number under NEVER ANSWER THIS NUMBER, I wouldn't have had to have that awkward conversation about how much he loves his new life!!

Scientific Lutheran said...

Good tip. I can probably still get his #'s from my old cell phone bills...

Jolly Johnstons said...

There are better men out there than that. Not all of them just want sex. At least now you know that's all he wanted and you don't have to worry about losing a chance with a "decent" guy.

sheree said...

ugh. My feelings would be hurt too. He is a loser, obviously. You WON'T be single forever. I'm sorry it seems like it's taking forever to find Mr. Right. I hope he shows up soon for you :)