Sunday, November 16, 2008

A visit with mom

So, I went home this weekend to help my dad clean house for thanksgiving...but that's not the story I"m going to tell here.

I'm instead going to tell of my mom.

How she smiled, and laughed, and was cheerful.  How she talked about losing her hair with a laugh.

I want to talk about how THIS is the mother I've known all my life.  That the depressed, isolated, sick, withdrawn shell of a woman that she has been for many months now, that wasn't my mom.  That wasn't the woman I know.

But now she talks of getting over this cancer.  Now she talks of Taking the Next Step, that she's done with the radiation, and we are already seeing results (she can lift her left arm higher than she has been able to lift it for many months, that her neck and shoulder pain are almost gone, that she can ride in a car now and not be almost disabled by the neck/head/shoulder/arm pain).  She is looking forward to the chemo, because that is the next step.  

I want to talk about the fact that her doctors are so optimistic, so matter-of-fact, that this is something they see every day and they aren't overly worried, this is treatable with a standard treatment, and that's what they project to her, she is so confident in her doctors that she is ready for whatever they tell her to do next.

THIS optimistic self-confident woman is the woman I've known my whole life.  And I am so glad to see her again, that I cried off and on all the way home.  I'm still crying.  I thought I'd never see her again.  I (and dad, too) thought we'd never see her again.

Thank you God.  For Doctors and hospitals and every-day miracles of medicine.  Thank you for my mom back.  Amen

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