Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A President in name only...

So, I'm the president of the small LWML group at my church. I'm the youngest member by, and I'm not exaggerating AT ALL, 43 years. Yeah, the next youngest is 76. Our oldest member is in her 90's. So these ladies have been doing LWML for YEARS. No one wants to be president, so I'm sort of president by default. As in, Fine, if no one else wants it, I'll do it.

However, I'm not the best president. First of all, I work full time, and about half the time they scedule and plan things for in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day. So while I coordinate meetings and events, I can't actually help with or attend most of our service projects and out-goings. To complicate things, often they simply plan stuff and tell me after the fact that they did it. I'm pretty much just a figure head.

Example: Our usual meeting time is the first saturday of the month in our learning center. Ike pretty much destroyed that facility. We met for September, but we just gave up on the idea of the October meeting. But we have a service project planned for christmas, and we already have the money, so we have to spend it and submit receipts to the organization that gave us the money.

I was sick Sunday morning, so I didn't go to church, but I called the VP of our group and told her that we should meet in November to plan the service project and do some administrative stuff. She told me that she had the Pastor announce that we'd be meeting on the 8th at our normal time at the local IHOP. She was going to call me this week and let me know. She'd already contacted our other members and they all knew. She hoped that was OK.

Why am I the president again? OH! I know! So that when they try to make me president of our Zone, the zone will think I know how to do it. hehe, that will be funny. I wonder if my VP from my group will be doing my work for me at the zone level...

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