Friday, November 14, 2008

Not as much drama as it might have been

So, a little background, and then the intersting stuff.

Every time I lend a guy a book, he decides its time to break up. I've lost several of my favorite books this way. I did this with the latest Ex, the book was called 'Hey Cowboy, Wanna get lucky' by Baxter Black. Very funny, very cute book. I lent it to him the weekend he decided to stop calling me.

To complicate things, I had erased Ex's phone number from my phone (because I am a weak woman, and I knew that one night after one too many beers, or when I was feeling exceptionally lonely, I would call or text him, and I didn't want to do that). So I didn't have his number to call or text him.

But I wanted my book.

So I did a little detective work. Ex's dad, I'll call him GK, forwards stuff to my dad, Mr.F, all the time. So I checked the last forward my dad, Mr.F, sent me, which had come from GK. When GK had forwarded the email to dad, he had also forwarded it to Ex's sister. So, I emailed Ex's sister and asked her to either have Ex drop it off at the house, or mail it to me. She mailed it to me, no problem, and I've emailed her after that to let her know that I got the book.

Now the interesting bit.

Cut to last night. Ex calls me, wants to know How Did You Get Sister's Email Address???

So I told him, a little detective work and a good guess.

Then he started trying to explain why he stopped calling. I cut him off and told him, it was no big deal. I had gotten over it, I was fine. He didn't need to explain, some times it just doesn't work. And I didn't tell him, but to be honest, I don't think I care anymore, and it didn't matter what his reasons were. Life is just like that, it was another thing that was out of my control, and I was OK with that.

And then we had a 20 minute conversation. He asked about mom. He said something about the note I left him, we talked about that and where it came from and why I didn't just knock on the door and have it out. We talked about my job and whether or not I was being laid off, whether or not he was still in town.

All in all, I'm very proud of how I handled the call. I wasn't a bitch, or pissy or emotional or anything. I was friendly, and we even laughed a time or two. And after we hung up, I smiled. It was a nice feeling, not to be angry or hurt or embarrassed. I really am OK with it all.

I guess all that praying for peace in my life is working.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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