Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A story from Ike

So, my neighbors helped me tack up my back fence a couple of weeks back.

They were very nice about it, this was early after Ike, and there were packs of dogs running around. While I was out, my neighbor went outside to check out a noise, and there were 3 dogs attacking my biggest cat, (her nickname is lumpy b/c she's fat, and lumpy). A pit bull had her head, and another dog had her back leg, and the third was barking. Aggie (my neighbor) came tearing out of the house yelling, and her husband was right behind her wielding a 2x4. It worked, the dogs let go and ran. Between Katie (b/c they were staying with me at the time) and Aggie, they got Lumpy into the house, and Katie called me.

I went home, gave Lumpy a good dose of kittie morphine, and she slept for 2 days. When I stopped dosing her and let her wake up, she was limping a little on the hind leg, but after a day she stopped that, too. I couldn't find any broken bones or disjointed limbs, she was sore, but was bearing her full weight within 3 days. I couldn't find any punctures, no abscesses, nothing. God definitely protects me and my animals.

Anyway, after that Aggie and Ray, her husband, helped me put up my back fence, so that the cats had a protected place to go. Lumpy will go into the back yard, but she won't go out the front door at all anymore.

Now, this also means that I don't have to worry about raccoons anymore, it (they?) is (are) content to eat the trash out of the trash cans.

Dear Lord, thank you for protecting my house, family, friends, and pets during Ike. Amen.

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