Thursday, October 23, 2008

lying on the rug like cheap pants...

So, while I was not-to-busy during Ike, I went shopping...I know, shocking.  A little retail therapy, if you will.  I am overloaded with tops, so I went shopping  for bottoms.  In an attempt to look 'hip' 'young' 'cool',  I was looking for some lower-rise jeans.  I found an cheap inexpensive pair of jeans at wal-mart a local department store.  But then, tonight, I bent over and I felt a definitive breeze upon my bare butt.  The front had slid down below my pudge, and the back slid down my ass.

AAAAaaannnnddd, that's the last time I wear cheap  wal-mart low-rise jeans.


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Anonymous said...

The key is reallly looonnnggg shirts...LOL Roni