Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life, good bits and hard bits

Gosh, what to write.

Mom is having a halo put on friday morning, they will do the single dose, high concentration, very precisely placed radiation sometime that day, and then the halo will come off. When they were telling me about it, I thought mom would have to wear the halo for the full 3 weeks of radiation they were talking about, and I thought, Oh shit, that will Thrill mom! But no, one dose on friday for the brain tumor, then 3 weeks of radiation of her neck/chest for the breast cancer tumor.

Let's see, what else? Dad really fell apart when they found out that they would have to go to Large Cancer Hospital. But he seems to be handling things pretty well now. The doctors are very good there, they make sure that mom and dad understand everything, they are optimistic, but they are realistic as well. That is doing a lot to keep both mom and dad from freaking out too much.

Grandma is out of the hospital. She is 82, I think, and has had heart disease for probably 10-12 years now. They scoped her at the hospital and cleaned out one artery and put a stint in, but another artery is completely blocked. Completely. However, Gma is 82, so they aren't in a big hurry to do a bypass. I'm thinking it is a quality of life vs quantity of life issue. So the doctors are going to try to break the block with medication. She went home saturday. Sunday she made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and pie for lunch. She'll probably live another 10 years, just on strength of personality alone.

My friends Katie and Brett and baby Eli were staying with me in the aftermath of Ike. They finally have gas, hot water, and their washer and dryer hooked up and working! Yeah! It was so much fun having them live with me. I feel like Katie and I somehow cemented a friendship. Now if only Eli knew my name...

On the same vein, my friend Paige and her little one Carter needed a place until the 27th, so they are staying with me now. Carter is a baby, 8 months, so he's fun, too. He's learning to pull up and stand, it's quite cute.

I have lived alone a very long time now, 8 years, almost 9 years now. I didn't know how I would handle having people in my home, in my space, but it has been ok. In fact, the house might even feel a little empty without other people in it. I might have to start (*gasp*) inviting friends over!! (*gasp*). That means I'll have to CLEAN the HOUSE???

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