Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Big Gun

So, I had to go to the dentist and have a small cavity filled. 

Apparently, I've never had my teeth completely numbed.  I've always had little, well, I guess little shivers, when I've had my teeth drilled.  I thought that was normal.  Apparently, it isn't.

So, my current dentist and I were talking, and I'm not normally a wimp when it comes to the dentist but I'm pretty PMS-y this week, so I was pretty much a wreck at the thought of  those shots in the back of my mouth.  We got through the first set of shots, he gave me a little extra dose.  They started to drill, and I started to get upset with the little shivers.

So, my very nice dentist stops, and talks to me.  He says that he noticed that when he was giving me the shots that my anatomy inside my mouth is a little off.  Not quite normal.

(WOW!  Proof that I'm not quite normal!  we all suspected it.)

So, he said he could (quote), " Bring out the big guns."  

uh, what?

I was numb in the jaw, I just wasn't numb at the root of the tooth, so he took another big dose of drugs and injected it...

(wait for it)


Between the Bone of my jaw and the root of the tooth.  Yes.  Just thinking of this making my stomach turns a little, and I was trying very hard to not picture it as he was TELLING ME ABOUT IT WHILE HE DID IT.

However, My tooth was NUMB.  I felt nothing.  It was great!

He told me that the extra shots, especially where they were, would make my jaw very sore the next day.  He was right.  My face has been very sore all day today.  All last night, every time I rolled over onto my left side, I rolled back over onto my right side.  I couldn't chew on the left side most of the day.

It is now a toss-up:  little shivers while they drill, or jaw pain for 24 hours.

I think, next time, if it is a little cavity, I'll take the little shivers.  I'll wait for the "Big Guns" for the big fills and crowns.

AND, I had no idea how often I clenched my teeth.  Wow!  I do that All Night Long!  that could be taken WAY out of context there.  hm.

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