Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So, I have 2 back doors, one into a mud/utility room, and then one from the mud room into the kitchen. The cat flap is in the outside wall of the mud room. So when the cats are in for the night, I just close the inner door and leave the cat flap open.

2 nights ago, I heard something in my back yard rustling around, but I couldn't find a flashlight to see what it was. Last night, I heard the cat flap swish, something was going out of my mud room, but it wasn't a cat, because all of my cats were in already.

I found my flashlight, and low and behold, a rather large raccoon was on my back porch. I'm thinking that since I don't have a back fence, he must have come in from the alley, because I don't think I had a raccoon in my back yard before Ike. He must have been looking for something to eat.

So now, I have to close the cat flap, and try to remember to not put the garbage too soon before the pickup. Hopefully, he/she will go away if I take away his/her food source.

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