Thursday, September 4, 2008

Holy Crap

Wow, did I fall of the deep end on tuesday. I can only plead not enough sleep and severe PMS.

BF, who is not, in fact, the anti-christ, finally called me last night. He was pissed about life and work in general, and he had a valid complaint against me. These two things, compounded by the overly-emotional melodramatic voice mail I left him, conspired to further piss him off.

Anyway, we have come to a tentative agreement, and we'll have to see how the next few weeks play out.

And what did I learn from this?

1. I have no doubt that this man was sent from God, because so far he has taught me a good dose of humility, and some modesty and is forcing upon me self-control. All are hard lessons to learn.

2. The week before my period I should make a large note on my calendar, so that if I over-react I might be able to catch it before I make a total ass of myself.

3. As I have already learned several times, I SHOULD NOT write emotional rants and immediately put them up for all the world to see. This also applies to emails, voice-mails, and text messages.

4. I shouldn't be so quick to assume the worst in others, especially in people I know and care about. I should give the benefit of the doubt in almost all cases, as I hope they will give to me.

Lord, It's a good thing you forgive all our sins. Please put in me the same desire to forgive, to see the best in others and their intentions. Help me to remember to look through Your eyes when I look at the world, and see that you do work for the good in ALL things. Amen.

PS: There will be no more posts to this page until the emotional storm has passed which should be around tuesday of next week. I'd hate to make an ass of myself too many times this week.

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