Monday, August 25, 2008

The Plan: Part II

So here we are, Michelle and I, with a plan. We were going to River A, we would stay in a cheap hotel, we would have LOTS of fun and drink beer and float on the river and take pictures.

In a fit of generosity and enthusiasm, bf bought us (him and I? me?) tickets to a concert of a Regionally famous music group. I've never seen them in concert, so I was excited. However, the town the concert was in kind of threw a kink into Michelle's and my plan. The concert was close to River B, but Michelle and I wanted to go to River A. In fact, we deliberately planned to NOT go to River B, as it is overly crowded with young and sometimes underage drunks most of the summer, and we wanted to avoid them.

However, to not burst bf's bubble, I convinced Michelle that River B would be Ok, we'd still have lots of fun. Once her PMS cleared up, she agreed.

Then bf decided that it would be a lot more fun if we camped. He had invited several of his friends, and they could be pretty rowdy when drinking, and he was worried that we might get kicked out of a hotel. This took a little more convincing, but again, once Michelle's PMS cleared up, she began to get into the idea.

None of our other friends were really into camping, so apart from Michelle and I, everyone on my end cancelled by early in the week. I decided that since it would only be Michelle and I from our end, she should go to the concert with us. And that since this originated with bf buying tickets to the concert, I bought Michelle a ticket too. It didn't seem fair to ask her to buy the ticket herself.

Then it started to rain. It rained Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. All day, each day. Really great drenching, ground soaking rain. My yard loved it. By Wednesday, Michelle and I had just made our minds up that we would be camping in the rain. We wanted to go to the river, the campsite had been reserved, the tickets had been bought, so we would just camp in the rain. It would be FUN! Right???? Right!!!!

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